Our Community

We would like to acknowledge the accomplishments of outstanding Individuals and Organizations within our community for their hard work and dedication.

Far too long many communities like our own suffer needlessly in silence and separation due to an inability to work together. Media puts so much emphasis on the negativity that plagues communities across the nation thus, creating a greater division as each day passes. Instead of giving so much time to the things that weigh our community down it’s time to focus on the positive.  “Together all things are possible”.  Although we live in a diverse city and sometimes it is hard to find common ground music is one thing that has a way of bringing everyone together.

WZKO feels it’s time to change the focus of our community and to create a better tomorrow. We have a choice to continue to focus on what is wrong in our community or to find the positive and cultivate it. By acknowledging those who work hard to have a positive effect on the daily lives of themselves and others we can build a stronger foundation for the future.

Please submit us information explaining the individual(s) or organization(s) achievement(s) locally or nationally.

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