Clairissa Jenkins

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  1. Cream Filled Boobies 2:37
  2. Married Name Change 2:32
  3. Permit Required 3:19
  4. Child Services 2:28
  5. Pet Store Bill 2:17
  6. There's a Scratch 2:20
  7. Winner Tax 1:54
  8. Construction Redo 2:04
  9. Divorce Counseling 2:15
  10. Promise to Pay 2:14
  11. Three Fifth Pimp Game 2:24
  12. Dennys Wedding 2:03
  13. Husband Deported 2:17
  14. Promiscous Nurse 1:44


Clairissa Jenkins story begins at a Red Lobster in Mesa, Arizona where she was working as a hostess.  It was there when a radio executive noticed her “style” when dealing with a difficult customer over the phone and thought her attitude would be great on the radio.

Clairissa still holds the record at her local high school as the reigning shot put champion, mostly because recent students have been afraid of challenging and possibly surpassing her milestone.  Other career highlights include a “never confirmed” romance with Tupac, being banned from Denny’s due to a parking lot fight in Oakland, CA,  and a “best radio host” award from the Parks and Recreation Department in Marysvale, Utah.

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