Truck hits pedestrians on busy Barcelona street

August 17, 2017 admin_wzko 0

A truck hit pedestrians on Catalunya Square in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas district this afternoon. Spanish authorities said there were injuries but no deaths have been confirmed. Las Ramblas is a popular tourist area in Spain’s

What is Antifa?

August 17, 2017 admin_wzko 0

After protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned violent on Saturday, leaving one person dead and dozens injured, the world is still grappling with what happened, who was involved and why.

Israeli leader criticized for response to Charlottesville

August 17, 2017 admin_wzko 0

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came under mounting pressure Thursday to speak out against President Donald Trump’s response to the racially charged violence and anti-Semitic outpouring in Charlottesville, Virginia. Netanyahu’s near silence on the march

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